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For commerce, Kinja helps power and contextualize comments. Holguin added: “I had used Lifehacker, and I knew that for me, the comments were sometimes more interesting than the articles. The comments were the ones that led me to click and to buy.” Did the threat of a Gawker taint give Holguin pause as he negotiated a deal? Not too much. “A lot of people, users, don’t know that Gizmodo was part of Gawker,” Holguin said, a point that rings true for each of the acquired sites. Univision’s next moves The Gawker/Kinja acquisition has now set digital Univision on a new path. That strategy is built on technology. “We’ve focused on an integration effort, a right-sizing effort, and mapping out what we needed to do in the next 18 months,” Holguin said. “The result is not only savings, which was almost $30 million, but also a plan, an engineering plan, a data analytics plan, and the start of that plan is a migration towards Kinja. With The Root newly transitioned to Kinja, Univision has set the rest of its road map. “The next one is,” Holguin said.

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This episode saw handy Thandie/nasty Newton (delete according to nickname taste) ascend to the ranks of all-time great Line Of Duty villains. So what might be her downfall, if it comes? The KRG-13/KRG-30 mix-up seems to have been successfully waved away, so maybe it will be that non-healing wrist injury. Ouch, it looked painful when Huntley finally sought medical attention but the doctor made a point of taking a swab. Could incriminating DNA from forensic boffin Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins) be lingering in the wound? Interview scene was Line of Dutys best yet The six-minute interrogation of Nick Huntley early in this episode turned out to be merely a warm-up. The centrepiece of this episode was Rozs own conference room showdown a 22-minute masterclass of procedural detail, swinging momentum and barbed back-and-forth dialogue At first, AC-12 had her on the ropes. Supt Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) being fed information from the watching Fleming, he painstakingly picked apart Huntleys Balaclava Man theories, the lack of evidence for Hana Reznikova killing Tim Ifield and Huntleys conflict of interest, with her husband now a suspect. He pressed her over potential planting of evidence, all but accused her of murdering Ifield to silence him and recommended Huntleys immediate suspension from duty. View photos Thandie Newton and Christopher Coghill Credit: BBC More Huntley looked lost for words and her police federation rep requested a break – before, at the scenes midway point, Roz dramatically turned the tables. Anything to add? asked Hastings. I do, replied Huntley, calmly fishing a file from her briefcase and going to town on AC-12 themselves.

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